Do you want to Save 45%
Air Conditioning bill in ?


No more struggle, just more snuggles.
Enerlyf works in sync with your air-conditioner and your ceiling fan, in a way where we maintain the room
temperature to an optimum level. All the while, reducing your electricity consumption by 40-45%

Light Weight, Shockproof, Corrosion Free
Enerlyf is packed in a rich finish abs plastic body, which ensures a long and steady life with resistance to any and all kinds of material damage and shock.
Fire Retardant
We make no compromise when it comes to serving you. That’s why all our products are best in class. We use quality wires, which prevent any damage to your home due to fire.
Full-Proof Data
Be up-to-date with your usage with our 7-segment display. We allow you to monitor your savings, crosscheck your power consumption and save more on electricity
Single Multipurpose Switch
Our easy-to-use multipurpose switch along with the seamless interface gives you a hassle-free user experience.
120-Degree IR Blaster
Now control your AC from any corner of your home, without the need to look out for the control panel. Our powerful 120 Degree IR Blaster operates at your ease.
LED Lights
Let’s put an end to the fear of stubbing your toe in the dark. With Enerlyf’s LED Lights, we ensure you have clear visibility even in the dead of the night.
Compact Design
We make your homes look good and make you feel good. Our products are designed keeping in mind the elegance of your homes.
Low Power Consumption
Every Enerlyf product is optimized to lower your power consumption and maximize your comfort.
36+ Brands of Air Conditioners
Getting a new air-conditioner? Go, right ahead. Enerlyf supports an array of 36+ different brands of air-conditioning systems.
Self-contained Installation Kit
Gone are the days when you had to go looking for tools to assemble. With our product, you get a comprehensive installation kit which help with the entire setup, without any extra cost.
No Re-wiring for Installation
Our wiring is set up in a way where it fits coherently into your existing infrastructure. Without the need for any alteration.
Individual Functionality
After installation, we do not restrict your use of operating your fan and AC separately. You can choose to keep the functions of your AC and fan distinct or use it through our system for more savings.


  • See Full Technical Specification
Power Consumption Of Device
3 W

Input Power Supply
230V AC / 50 Hz

Operating Temperature Range
10º C to 50º C

0.5º C

IR Viewing Angle
120 º Total ( +/- 60 º)

Power Source

Sensors / Actuators
Temperature Sensor / IR Receiver / Solid State Relay / IR Blaster

Air Conditioner Compatibility
All Brands Split / All Brands Window / All Brands Cassette

Fan Compatibility
Ceiling Fan / Wall Mounted Fan / Pedestal Fan

Device Dimension ( Height * Width * Depth )
94 mm * 94 mm * 33 mm
195 gm

In The Box
1 Unit Of Enerlyf
4 Core Cable
Wall Plug & Screw
Reset Pin
Trim Plate For Fitting
User Guide

Cable Length
1.25 Ft

Mode Of Communication With Ac
Wireless ( IR Communication )

User Interface
Seven Segment Display / Multi Purpose Switch For On-Off & Configuration

Analytics On Display
Room Temperature / Percentage Of Time Ac Remains Off / Total Running Time Of Device / Ac Running Time

Power Savings
Upto 45%

Made In

Comfort keeper in all seasons

Comfort so good, you’ll ditch your comforter for it!

Be it any time of the year, we manage your homes just like the way you want it. Enerlyf lets you take control of your house. You can operate the cooling of your home according to your comfort.

Track Your Savings

This user guide will help you to operate Enerlyf easily and quickly. This includes steps of the device functions and step-by-step modes of operation to easy access and use.

  • 01. Switch On
  • 02. Shows Room
  • 03. Switch Off
  • 04. Percentage of time AC remains OFF
  • 05. Percentage
  • 06. Total Run Time of device including AC & FAN
  • 07. Total Run Time
  • 08. Only AC Run
  • 09. Ac On Time

Design that delights

Enerlyf is a combination of a stylish exterior packed with slick features. A comprehensive and user-friendly tool, which can be operated by senior citizens and young ones alike.

Engineered to belong

We understand you, and your homes. And that’s why we make no compromise
on your comfort. Our ComfySense technology makes sure you get a good
night’s sleep, uninterrupted

Easy to Setup

It will get install in less than 30 minutes & configure in less than 30 seconds

Built to last

Crafted to extend comfort & longevity

Live smart with enerlyf

The constant struggle between the need to switch between your AC and Fan can wear you down.
Our smart technology understands your preferences and maintains a temperature where you don’t feel too cold or too warm.

Brands we support

The Industries we cater into

  • Residence Sector
  • Corporate Sector
  • Corporate Gifting Sector
  • Hospital Sector
  • Hotel Sector
  • Educational Sector

Mounting electricity bills, inappropriate temperature control in your bedroom due to overworking Air Conditioners all this can lead to lack of adequate sleep and rest, and resultant loss of productivity as well as money.

Your problems are now over. ENERLYF ensures optimal Air Conditioner management. To keep temperatures, energy levels and sleep well controlled. Leading to increased productivity and lowered electricity bills. You can now sleep peacefully.

Every organisation faces the issue of enhancing its profits even while strengthening the harmony within.

Providing your colleagues better human comfort and also attaining higher productivity is not just your wish but a dream too.

That dream can be fulfilled now.

You always strive to keep your clients, stakeholders and partners highly motivated and happy. One of the best ways is by selecting the right and most appropriate gift for ANY occasion.

Your search is now over. You can make the recipient thank you all the time for your thoughtful gift.

The Greatest challenge before you is giving your residents a home away from home.

And also receive positive word of mouth publicity for your care and warm and friendly services.

By helping to keep comfort levels at optimum and by providing your guests proper rest and peaceful sleep via effective regulation of your Air Conditioners, ENERLYF helps you win over your clients every time. At all times.

The great challenge you face in today's highly competitive market is to get repeat visits from your guests and also positive word of mouth publicity for your property and services.

By helping to keep comfort levels at optimum and by providing your guests proper rest and peaceful sleep via effective regulation of your Air Conditioners, ENERLYF helps you win over your clients every time. At all times.

You often wonder how to get that extra edge over competition by offering your student clients and teachers a little more comfort without costing you the earth.

Now is the right opportunity to do so.


Performance Guaranteed