A unit of electricity saved is unit of electricity generated.

Conserving energy is our collective responsibility for a better tomorrow.

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Responsible Consumption

The Idea

Together, we can help create more energy efficient

homes for all. Installing Enerlyf will help to get

electricity to many home in India.

Our Mission Is to Enable 20 Million Non-Inverter Ac with Enerlyf By 2020

How It Works

In 2014, World Bank pegged India as home to world’s largest unelectrified population.

240 million Indians have no electricity as of Jan. 2017 Installing ENERLYF will save

energy and help bring light to multiple unelectrified homes in India

9 watt UJALA LED Bulb is used for approx. 7 hours

x 7hours

x 7 hours

x 18 hours

85 watt fan runs for approx. 18 hours

x 18 hours

1.6 Units of Electricity for Basic needs of unnelectrified Home / day

1 unit of electricity saved = 1 unit of electricity generated!

Enerlyf saves 4.5 Units* of Energy per night, generating electricity for 2.5 unelectrifies homes, impacting 10 people on an average!




20 million
Enerlyf devices

approx. 4.5
units of
saved everyday

180 days
of use

million units
of electricity

reduced 9.5 million metric tonnes of CO2

bring light to 11 million people for a year