We are group of engineers. inventors and designers form india

About Us



Enerlyf strives to leave our planet greener than before and your homes smarter than ever.

We aim to make every household & office space a hallmark of sleek, smart and self-sustainable model of comfort.
Enerlyf Roadmap

The Enerlyf Journey


Our Updates

  • Startup India recognition
  • Startup Gujarat recognition with grant of 20Lakh for product development and making: CIIE (IIM Ahmedabad Incubator as a nodal Institute)
  • National acknowledgement in ET Power of Ideas Shortlisted in top 358 out of 21000+ participants of India
  • Offline sales & distribution chenal partner in place for various region of India
  • Product Installation & demonstration tie-ups in all metro cities of india for hassle free customer experience

Our Achievements

  • Featured in top 10 of CIIE’s Pitch town event out of 135+ entries
  • First round of funding led to the first phase of product manufacturing & marketing of the product
  • Core team grew from a 2-person team to a 5-person team with adequate education and experience in their respective fields
  • 2 Person team to a 21 person team

Where We are Now

  • Product manufacturing in progress
  • Preparing for Launch

Future Plans

  • Started working on tweaking Enerlyf capabilities to enhance daytime productivity better using energy efficiently
  • New plans being chalked out for improving energy efficiency in the Indian market


Focused next on a marketable product, which is pocket-friendly, features good aesthetics & easy to operate.

Prototype / Testing

  • Performed Prototype testing for peak summer season attaching an energy meter to measure power consumption before and after using the prototype with the AC
  • Test subjects were equipped with sleep bands to assess their sleep quality with and without the prototype device with AC running for the whole night
  • Derived results, which confirmed that users experienced sound sleep throughout the night, leading to a productive day. AC bills were cut down to approx. 49.8% with energy meter readings serving as proof. This POC was finalized by July 2016


  • Our studies with different timelines based on AC cooling during different sleep stages revealed that at sleep stages 2,3,4, the body produces very less heat, with ceiling fans enough to provide comfort. ACs can be shut down during those stages, thus reducing bills too
  • Synchronizing AC & FAN together with their ON-OFF operations was required for high energy savings
  • Created a working prototype to switch between both appliances at the same time

Learning Phase

  • Surveyed people to understand their AC-related problems including unaffordability, rising electricity bills and multiple interruptions during sleep time
  • Making their sleep more comfortable & affordable, I can seriously improvise their health, work efficiency and productivity
  • Cconsulted medical experts to gain in-depth understanding of human physiology and sleep cycles and ACs impact

Our Team