Are you in the green of your health?

It’s been decades we have been conversing, debating, propagating and adopting numerous ideas to save electricity. Every time we pick up a topic of burning issues, global meltdown never fails to top. On one hand, the science and technology is progressing tremendously and upgrading lifestyle while on other, the climate change is resulting into worsening consequences and degrading human life. The same concern is globally dialogued with United Nations and in sustainable development goals, health and well-being is given significant importance. Many reports have stated that rising temperature causes some major health issues like diabetes, heat stroke, dehydration, etc. and in some regions it has resulted even death. Although there has been major rise in usage of Air conditioners to maintain cool surroundings but that too has some adverse effects and there are hundreds of millions who are still not exposed to using modern facilities.

For a country like India, where there are more than 200 million citizens with no electricity, one could imagine the plight and reasons for deaths and ill health due to global warming. In such a situation, climate needs to be controlled and fought back collectively. We must look for solutions to maintain a healthy lifestyle in a way that’s beneficial to society and also allows us to save electricity for unnelectrified regions. And if technology can aid environment or control environmental damage instead of deteriorating it and support in saving electricity, there’s still a scope to improve overall human life index.

Amidst all these conversations and thought processes, one might think how to individually contribute to sustainable life, conserve energy and promote healthy lifestyle without giving up the everyday comforts and innovations. While there’s a lot that can be done collectively, there are a few things that can be done individually that will impact in the long term. Starting with gaining knowledge about electricity, the way it works, energy efficient devices, alternative energy sources and so on. We need to carefully design a healthy life with conscious practice to reduce carbon emission and save energy in all forms.

However, to address this thought and to cope with the technological advancements, a smart energy-saving device has been innovated and it’s called Enerlyf. It offers more life to AC by reducing its usage and also saving electricity bills through its comfy sense technology. Major benefits of this user-friendly device includes low carbon footprints, productivity enhancement, sound and uninterrupted sleep, reduced bills and aids in achieving sustainable goals.

Adopt a green life with Enerlyf.

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