Saving energy in the office - at the perfect temperature

In an era of rising energy costs, growing awareness of climate protection and conservation of resources, energy management is becoming an increasingly important theme for companies. In this context, heating and air conditioning certainly rank amongst the main cost drivers, alongside electricity for office equipment and lighting. Yet the potential for savings is enormous.
Small and medium-sized companies frequently baulk at the costs of the investments needed here, especially if it means structural changes to premises that are not purpose-built. However, it is often possible to cut energy consumption with minimum resources. According to the German Energy Agency (dena) you can save energy significantly just by setting the ventilation, heating or cooling level to suit the actual requirement.


Everyone has their own personal perception of cold and heat. So men are often too hot in the office, while women sit at their computers and freeze. The upshot of this is that people are constantly turning the heating up and down or opening the windows. Neither of these is remotely conducive to efficient energy management. The fact is that every time a room is heated up, more energy is used. A temperature somewhere in the middle, at which as many people as possible can work comfortably, is a good compromise for a start. In offices this will be around 20–22 degrees. Usually this can be achieved by setting the radiator thermostats to medium. In communal areas, staff kitchens, hallways or toilets the temperature can be even lower than that.


An electronic heating controller is a good idea for maintaining the selected temperature. Its clock can be programmed to different times. This enables the temperature to be lowered, for instance during the night or at weekends, when the offices are empty. Depending on the building architecture, energy savings of between 3 and 16 per cent can be made if a night economy mode is used.* But it must not become too cold — because if you allow the temperature to fall too low the rooms will have to heat up again, using considerably more energy. While the heating is on, the doors and windows should be kept shut with a good seal if possible so that the hot air cannot escape from the office. Correct ventilation is also a key factor, so that as little heat as possible is lost whilst allowing plenty of fresh air into the room. Ventilating for brief periods with the window fully open is the quickest way to exchange stale air for fresh without cooling the walls down.

* Source: Peters, Aribert. Nutzlose Nachtabsenkung. Energiedepesche. 2012, 2/2012 (Pointless night-time temperature reduction. Energy dispatches)


Air conditioning systems are very energy-intensive, but in many offices you just couldn’t do without them. Huge savings can be achieved simply by using them correctly. While the air conditioning is on, windows and doors should always be closed. The right temperature setting is absolutely critical: extreme settings use unnecessary energy and at the same time increase the risk of employees feeling too cold. Variance by just a few degrees from the outside temperatures is often enough to improve working conditions. Furthermore regular maintenance of climate control systems contributes to energy-efficient operation, as this means it is possible to control cooling output and energy consumption. It’s usually a good idea to back up the cooling with additional measures — such as fitting sunshades to the windows, switching off unnecessary heat sources, or allowing employees to work flexible hours during a heatwave.


Enerlyf befriends Air conditioner with Ceiling fan and link them in such a way that not only it maintains your comfortable temperature but also reduces Air conditioner usage by 50–55% hence the electricity consumption by 50%, which equates SLEEP-HEALTH & PRODUCTIVITY ENHANCEMENT while reducing CARBON FOOTPRINTS & GLOBE HEATING.

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Demonstration of ENERLYF Product on Energy Conservation week

As we know every year on 14th December, We celebrate the Energy Conservation day. As a Part of energy efficient product we have demonstrated our product at John Deere & Fiat on 19th & 20th December Respectively

Hon’ble President of India, Shri Ram Nath Kovind, was the Chief Guest over the National Energy Conservation Day celebrations, Which was held in New Delhi, on 14th December, 2017. Like every year, again it was organised by Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) to provide the support to the energy saving ideas by one way or other. They provide plateform to introduce your self in the war of climate change. By ENERLYF we are saving upto 50% of energy consumption of Air Conditioner.

To serve the purpose of demonstrating the energy saving product to the employee, we gave demo to the employees of John deer in pune, Which is one of the best tractor manufacturing companies in the world. It was a wonderful experience to interact with employees and getting a good response. Here is the glimpse of the demo.

After completing successful demonstration at the John Deer manufacturing plant, Fiat plant which is also in the pune was the next destination, Which is no doubt one of the finest companies in the world. They also gave supportive response for the product. Here is the glimpse of for the same.

Over all it was a wonderful experience to demonstrate the product. As the learning is the most important lesson of the life we have learned a lot & will keep learning. Like other companies we don’t need to do CSR activities to show society our product is for the society!!

Stay happy & Sleep Well With ENERLYF

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Highlights of ENERLYF participation  –  Automation Expo 2017 , Mumbai

Automation Expo enjoys close contacts with the local markets, an excellent know-how of the industry, and good relations with the trade media

It provides extensive pre and after sales exhibitor services and contacts


Day — 0

DAY — 1 Innaugaration



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