Office AC can make eyes dry, itchy and red: Here’s what you need to do

In an effort to provide a comfortable environment to employees, most of the workplaces these days have a centralised air-conditioning system. However, little do we know about the kind of harm air conditioners do to our health, especially eyes. While air conditioners provide relief and help us stay in cool temperatures, most of us are unaware that they create an artificial temperature change which in turn is unhealthy.

Falling sick quite often without any particular reason could be due due to the long hours spent working in an air-conditioned environment. While the entire immune system is affected by the air conditioners, eyes, being a sensitive part of the body, are the most affected.

One of the major causes for dryness of the eyes, redness, itchiness, irritation, eye strain, recurring headaches and blurring of vision, etc is the air conditioner. Air conditioners reduce humidity and cause evaporative dry eye. As the temperature decreases, it reduces the Meibomian gland’s ability to secrete oils that keep the tears from evaporating too quickly. Further, AC ducts contain moulds, bacteria and virus which cause inflammation in the eye, thereby becoming a multifactorial source which cause harm to the eyes.

The dryness in the eyes reduces performance at workplace and thereby affects personal confidence. Although not life-threatening, people tend to neglect it which further affects the entire body system resulting in dry skin, allergy, generalised fatigue, osteoporosis and respiratory disorders.

Precautions to be taken to prevent the impact of AC on your eyes:
– Cover yourself properly
– Avoid sitting close to the AC
– Maintain room temperature. It is recommended to set the temperature above 25 degrees Celsius.
– Air conditioners reduce humidity in the air which can lead to dryness in the eyes. In order to prevent this, water can be kept in containers in the corners of the room; the water will evaporate and spread in the room and thereby increase the overall humidity.
– Prolonged usage of air conditioners can lead to formation of moulds and bacteria in the ducts which results in foul smell and infections. Hence, maintenance of the AC is very important.
– Maintain body hydration by consuming more fluids (for example: water, juices and milk). Avoid taking too much coffee or tea. The minimum recommended fluid intake is 2.5–3 litres per day.

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