Not all heroes are fighting at the border, some are fighting in the habitat

World environment day is marked to be celebrated on 5th June worldwide. We celebrate the victory against the climate crisis and encourage to take action against the failures. 

We have one earth but many warriors who are fighting to keep it alive. This World Environment Day, Enerlyf wants to celebrate it with  heroes who are not only making the earth greener with their conscious efforts but also giving the future generation something valuable to hold on to. 

A hero salute to the super heroes of Earth!!


Their idea: cutting down the plastic use with biodegradable articles. 

Product innovation: bio garbage bag compostable

@Beco is making the earth greener for us  with the most innovative sustainable products from home and kitchen to personal care. 

Make the planet cleaner by throwing away the waste and make it greener by using the biodegradable bag as compost for growing plants. 

The founders @Aditya Ruia, @Anuj Ruia and @Akshay Verma are indeed a true inspiration when it comes to sustainability. We can never look at the FMCG sector the way we used to till now. They have transformed the day to day products in a way which is better for us and the environment. 


Their idea: Reducing energy consumption with home appliances

Product innovation: BLDC fans

@Atomberg is making every household energy efficient by making their appliances smarter. They range from all types of fans to mixer grinder.

The founders @Manoj Meena and @Sibabrata Das were the first ones in the country to manufacture fans which consume 65% less energy saving 1500Rs./ year. 

Switch on the fan to make your homes and the planet cooler!!

Charity begins at home, so does energy efficiency!! 

Chakr innovation

Their idea: Making the planet greener with emission control device for diesel generators

Product innovation: making ink with the captured pollution

@Chakr innovation is making the air quality better for us with their breakthrough technology. 

They capture 90% of particulate matter emissions from the exhaust of diesel generators and convert them into ink.

The founder  @Kushagra Srivastava is making the generation lead with a breathable future with smarter ink and smarter thoughts. 

1 earth!! 1 pair of lungs!! One chance of reviving both!!

Enerlyf: Saving for a better cause

A brand for you and for the environment

EnerSave by Enerlyf cuts the energy consumption up to 4.5* units per night. This much amount of energy has the potential of generating electricity for 2.5 homes on average thus impacting the lives of nearly at least 10 people.

Let’s appreciate those who are taking care of the planet.


Lighting the way from our home to theirs!!