• My AC already has an inbuilt feature to turn off the compressor and run the internal fan. Then what is the value addition of ENERLYF in this regard?
    Your AC tries to maintain desired temperature by turning compressor ON & OFF alternatively. For optimal sleep, one needs a comfortable ambience during different sleep stages and temperatures owing to the gradual transition of body heat. ENERLYF’s ComfySense technology regulates the AC for optimal sleeping conditions.
  • My AC already has an OFF timer which turns air-conditioning OFF after a specific time interval is configured. How does ENERLYF help then?
    The AC's Timer turns off the AC after pre-configured time period. After that, the AC remains OFF for whole night, making users uncomfortable. The constant interruptions to user’s sleep to turn on the fan and switch on the AC, leads to a disturbed sleep cycle. ENERLYF manages AC operations for hassle-free sleep by operating fan and AC automatically.
  • What is the requirement I shall fulfil to install ENERLYF at my home?
    • AC with Remote Control
    • Ceiling Fan
  • Does ENERLYF connect to AC? If not, how does ENERLYF work without connecting it to AC?
    ENERLYF is a smart device, which uses wireless IR communication to work with ACs. ENERLYF does not have any direct-wired connection with your AC.
  • How does ENERLYF help with respect to energy savings if I already own a 4 or 5 star rating or Inverter AC?
    ENERLYF works on the principle of reducing the overall AC ON time to lower energy consumption while providing comfort to the user. 4/5 star ACs consume less current compared to 3 star ACs. But at the same time, they do not reduce the time AC running time. Eventually, ENERLYF will save more energy than the AC itself.
  • How is Enerlyf capability different than the AC's sleep mode?
    The AC's sleep mode reduces the set temperature at periodic intervals by 1°C but will eventually keep AC running the entire night, consuming electricity in the bargain. ENERLYF saves energy consumption by reducing the overall AC operational period. Also, the AC operations go through varied transitions to keep user's sleep unaffected & comfortable, while increasing cost savings too.
  • I have more questions. How do I contact ENERLYF?
    For any assistance, contact ENERLYF at +91 7069 007 006 or send us an email at info@enerlyf.com.