a three step process

How To Install


Take ENERLYF attached with 4-core cable out of the box. Straighten the 4-core cable.


Remove insulation from open end of the 4-core cable and connect four
different cables as below:
  • Connect across Ceiling fan switch
  •   Connect across Ceiling fan switch
  • Connect with Live supply through available switch if any
  • Connect with Neutral through available switch if any


Fix the device on the wall (Above the switchboard) using provided double sided tape. User can hang on the wall using provided screws if required.

How To Configure


Set preferred settings on your AC remote & Ceiling fan regulator. click here to see instructions for the same.


Turn AC ON using your remote. Now do not press any button on your remote. Remote is ready to teach ENERLYF with the desired settings.


Put ENERLYF in learning mode by pressing ON/OFF switch for 4-6 seconds


ENERLYF display will show "L". Here "L" indicates that ENERLYF is in learning mode


Wait till 'L' disappears on display.


LED panel above display will start blinking.


Direct your remote towards ENERLYF (Just like you point it towards AC to operate) and press "ON/OFF" button. (Note: Earlier in step #2, you have turned ON AC using remote. So in this step, remote will teach AC OFF signal to ENERLYF)
For detailed instructions
Click Here
NOTE: Steps #1 to #7.8 are to be followed in these use cases:
1. New device being switched on
for the first time
2. If you would like to change the
desired settings
3. In case you have replaced AC
with newer one