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Sleep Smart by Making your Air-conditioner Smart!

Packed with intelligence, our EnerSave device allow you to control your AC and Ceiling Fan. Their in-built smart sensors detect surrounding temperature levels to create a climate that's scientifically right for you by syncing AC & Fan, thus improving your sleep quality and reducing your AC electric bills by up to 45%.

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We switch off the AC when you fall asleep. Except you never find out.

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I have ACs in 3 rooms and have been using Enerlyf for more than a year now. It has helped me make some serious savings.

- Anisha Mehta, COO


Just installed Enerlyf. The entire process was surprisingly smooth and quick. Love its sleek design.

- Mr Sanjay Chauhan, Sintex LTD


I love fancy gadgets but just after a month of use, I realized that there’s sustainable living and there’s Enerlyf - a must-have for every sensible Indian homeowner.

- Dr Lilam Patel, MD Orthopaedics


I and my husband have been using this product for over 6 months now. Thankfully, fighting over AC temperature is now history.

- Ms Chiragi, Brand Consultant


Being environmentally as well as economically conscious, getting Enerlyf was an easy decision for me and I recommend it to everyone.

- Aarohi Patel, Actress

Yet another innovation "EnerSense"

Discover your energy-saving possibilities

EnerSense is an electricity activity tracker designed to understand your electrical appliances and their energy consumption patterns to make your home more energy efficient. Know what’s happening with your electrical devices at home or when away. Get a real-time view of devices and the timeline of your home’s energy consumption activities.



A unit of electricity saved is a unit of electricity generated. Conserving energy is our collective responsibility for a better tomorrow.

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Enerlyf does much more than help you save money.
Understand how it will help you save the energy, earth and earn good karma.

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