About Us

Driven By Passion

Enerlyf is about improving everyday life, while creating a more sustainable world.

We Focus On All The Citizen

We are not here to create fancy gizmos for the rich and famous. We are firmly committed to creating meaningful solutions to improve the lives of citizens like us & you. 

And Beyond

We constantly strive to ensure that the benefits of any solution we develop extend beyond just you – the consumer, to your neighbourhood  the community, the environment & society at large. 


Our Story

A phenomenal start.

Our story starts with a man who wondered about a better way. In 2016, Chirag P made a personal goal to reduce his environmental footprint. After discovering that cooling makes up 40% to 60% of home energy use, he attempted to program his own thermostat to conserve energy while sleeping peacefully. 

When he and his family were sleeping in a shockingly cold bedroom & paying high energy bills, he began to envision a better efficiency solution that could conserve energy without compromising comfort.

Assembling a small team of like-minded experts, the new Indian company of ENERLYF was formed. Together, the team was able to launch the first-ever smart device. Since then, enerlyf customers across India have saved more than lakhs of units of energy, and that impact continues to grow every day.

An unconventional approach.

At enerlyf, we do things differently. We’re Planet Positive. We believe that we can improve the way people, homes, and cities use and consume energy to create a sustainable future through technology.

We aspire to be a Welcome Guest. As a guest in your home, enerlyf is always ready to help and respects your privacy.

We set ourselves apart through Thoughtful Innovation. We don’t just innovate for innovation’s sake. Instead, enerlyf reimagines every day in ways that go beyond simple improvements to challenge the status quo.

enerlyf believes in Memorable Care. We offer the right help at the right time, including human support that exceeds expectations.

Finally, enerlyf offers Seamless Experiences, which means effortless solutions that just work on their own.

A more intelligent future.

The connected home of the future isn’t just smart. It learns, adjusts, and adapts based on your needs, behaviours, and preferences. It’s not just about more devices with flashy features; it’s about meaningful solutions that work so well together, they fade into the background to become part of your life.

An enerlyf home is a pleasant place that offers comfort when you’re there and peace of mind when you’re sleeping.

Inviting enerlyf into your home allows us to make an even more significant impact. Because the more homes we are in, the more we can help build a sustainable world. Please consider this your invitation to join us in wondering about a better world.