Take Command Of Your Home Energy Use

EnerSense is an electricity activity tracker designed to understand your electrical appliances and their energy consumption patterns to make your home more energy efficient. Know what’s happening with your electrical devices at home or when away. Get a real-time view of devices and the timeline of your home’s energy consumption activities.



Decode Your Electricity Bill

Dive into daily, weekly and monthly usage trends, historical usage, comparison charts and decode your bills. Know more about your appliances’ consumption and get notified about sudden surge.

Be Energy Savvy

Understand your consumption habits and reduce carbon footprint.


Be Aware Always

Away on vacation but suddenly find AC turned on or TV being watched? Know what’s happening at home no matter where you are. Easy to monitor, easy interface, easy-to-use app ‘Ohm assistant’.


Avoid Disaster

Electrical appliances tend to consume more power as they get older. Find out if your old electrical appliances need servicing or replacement.




How does it work?