Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. My AC already has an inbuilt feature that turns off the compressor and runs the internal fan. So how does ENELYF add value?

  • Your AC maintains the constant set temperature via repetitive compressor ON-OFF cycles. You need a solution that accounts for your body's varying cooling needs through different stages of your sleep cycle - for sound sleep & substantial savings. This is what EnerSave's ComfySense technology brings to the table.

Q2. My AC already has an OFF timer which turns air-conditioning OFF after a specific time interval is configured. How does ENERLYF help then?

  • Your AC's Timer turns your AC off after a pre-set period but can't turn it on again when things get uncomfortable. You still need to wake up and switch manually between your AC and fan, which leads to a disturbed sleep cycle. ENERLYF automates this process by switching between your Ceiling fan and AC intelligently.

Q3. What are the minimum requirements my room must fulfil to make installing ENERLYF meaningful?

  • Nothing more than an AC with remote control and a ceiling fan.

Q4. Does EnerSave connect to AC through wire? If not, how does it work without connecting it to AC?

  • EnerSave is an intelligent device that communicates with your AC via infrared beams. It, therefore, doesn't need a direct-wired connection with your AC.

Q5. How does ENERLYF save energy if I already own a 4- or 5-star rated or an Inverter AC?

  • While so-called smart ACs certainly consume less energy than lower-rated models, they don't reduce actual compressor run-time. EnerSave autonomously alternates between your Ceiling fan and AC, which cuts the AC run-time almost by 50% to lower energy consumption by orders of magnitude that far exceeds what the most advanced ACs in the market can achieve.

Q6. How is ENERLYF'S capability different from the AC's sleep mode?

  • The AC's sleep mode reduces the set temperature at periodic intervals by 1°C but will eventually keep AC running the entire night, consuming electricity in the bargain. ENERLYF saves energy consumption by reducing the overall AC operational period. Also, the AC operations go through varied transitions to keep users' sleep unaffected & comfortable while increasing cost savings.

Q7. Do I need to change wiring or upgrade existing infrastructure to install EnerSave?

  • It gets installed into your existing infrastructure without change of any wiring & without occupying any power socket.

Q8. I have more questions. How do I contact ENERLYF?

  • For any assistance, contact ENERLYF at 7069-007-006 or send us an email at