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✪ Sustainability:

We started small and made an impact together.

We invented the Smart Thermostat and kicked off a wave of innovation that has changed the way lakhs of people cool their homes. That was just the beginning.

"The most affordable and cleanest energy choice we can make is not to waste it."

We are transforming everyday life and making a sustainable difference since 20017.

So far, enerlyf have delivered over lakhs of units of energy savings. 

Our Mission is to Enable 50 Million Air Conditioners with Enerlyf By 2025

50 Million Enerlyf Devices * Approx. 4.5 units of electricity saved every day * Approx 180 days of use 

That's like

  • 40,500 Million units of electricity can be saved

  • Keeping 23.7 million metric tons of CO2 out of the atmosphere

  • Bring basic electricity to 22 million people for a year