The season will change, so will your energy needs.

What won’t change is our assurance to make your homes cooler and your savings hotter.


Make your ACs energy efficient & save upto 45% on your electricity bill.

Save energy, Save money!!

EnerSave is compatible with 36+ brands of AC

#Serious Savings

I have been using Enerlyf for more than a year now. I have 3 ACs and the gadget has helped to save approx 45% on my electricity bill.

- Anisha Mehta, COO

#Sleek Design

The entire process of installing the product was very smooth and quick. I love its sleek design.

- Mr Sanjay Chauhan, Sintex LTD

#Fancy Gadget

I love fancy gadgets and investing in this one was a good decision. It is a must have for every sensible Indian homeowner as it ensures sustainable living too.

- Dr Lilam Patel, MD Orthopaedics

#Wife-Husband Fight

My husband and I have been using Enerlyf for over 6 months now. We have a lot of things to fight about but thankfully, fighting over AC temperature is not one of them now.

- Ms Chiragi, Brand Consultant

#Sustainable Living

Being environmentally as well as economically conscious, getting Enerlyf was an easy decision for me and I recommend it to everyone.

- Aarohi Patel, Actress


Save energy while you sleep

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Strive to save your energy consumption for all your home appliances and steer clear of disasters.

Give your appliance a better life!

#Safer Home

This device literally saved my home from robbery because the app told me my appliance’s real time energy usage even though no one was at home.

- Venkat Nair, CFO

#Maintenance Predictions

This device  gives me a hint to get my appliance fixed before it’s too late based on abnormal energy usage.

- Shilpa Bajaj, Consultant

#Avoid Disaster

Since the time I have installed enersense, I don’t have to worry about my machine breaking down suddenly.

- Divya Nahar, Brand Manager

#Be Cautious And Save More

This device has taught me that more energy usage means more electricity bill. I have saved a lot by keeping a track of the energy consumption.

- Anupam Rao, Project Manager

#Best Of Both Worlds

Me and my father are environment and budget conscious respectively. Thanks to enersense, both our needs are now satisfied.

- Jay Mathur, Advocate


Discover your energy saving possibilities

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